Sen. John Kerry Attacks Rush Limbaugh

So, imagine you’ve been a U.S. Senator for more than two decades, and just two years ago were your party’s nominee for president. Would you spend time putting together a statement concerning the expressed opinions of a radio talk show host?

Well, if you were John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), the answer would be yes, as the following was posted at the junior senator’s website Friday (hat tip to Ian at Expose The Left): “Rush Limbaugh’s ignorance and willingness to divide Americans knows no bounds. His latest statement about Israel is beyond offensive to all of us who have fought to protect Israel in the face of enemies committed to its destruction.”

I imagine you’re checking that link about now. Go ahead, for Kerry wasn’t finished:

Rush Limbaugh needs to pick up a history book instead of a donut. It was a Democratic president who first recognized the State of Israel. It was a Democratic President who first sold Israel defensive weapons. And it was a Democratic President who first sold Israel offensive weapons.

The people of Israel and the Jewish community don’t need Rush Limbaugh to tell them who stands with them, and no one has time for right wing trying to score cheap political points while Israel fights to defend its very existence.

Unbelievable. America is at war, the Middle East is in turmoil, and one of the leaders of the Democrat Party is spending time disparaging a talk show host. Is this what our tax dollars are paying for?

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