CBS Snubs Dan Rather Again

It appears the ongoing effort by CBS to totally divorce itself from former anchor Dan Rather is not over, for another snubbing has occurred, this time at the CBS News website. As reported by The New York Post Friday:

IS CBS trying to wipe out all traces of Dan Rather's history at the network? In a glowing story about Katie Couric's "Eye on America" tour's going to the Twin Cities, the CBS News Web site crows that the perky newsgal, who takes over Rather's seat in September, "will be the first female solo anchor of a network weekday newscast, following such esteemed journalists as Douglas Edwards, Walter Cronkite and, most recently, Bob Schieffer." There is absolutely no mention of Rather, who was unceremoniously dumped after 44 years with CBS following his notorious report on President Bush's military record, which turned out to be based on fake memos.

Don’t believe it? Here’s the article The Post was referring to. The Post deliciously continued:

The glaring omission has prompted some observers to liken it to the Soviet Union's erasing Josef Stalin from its history books. A network spokeswoman says it's nothing as nefarious as that and fingers as the culprit its Minneapolis affiliate WCCO, which wrote the promo. But she could not explain why the station cut Rather out. "Dan is a valued part of CBS News tradition," she insisted. Rather did not return calls.

Dan Rather is clearly becoming the gift that keeps on giving

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