David, Is That You?

'Today' never showed us just who was holding that placard. But judging from his comments this morning, just how surprised would we be to find it was NBC's David Gregory himself?

Did David perhaps rev up for his appearance by reading this all-out assault on Bush foreign policy from in the LA Times? In any case, he came loaded for Bush bear with a totally bleak tour d'horizon that included these gems:

  • "The president's foreign policy was designed to make the the Middle East safer. It's not."
  • "Crisis after crisis has undermined the Bush doctrine."
  • "A foreign policy that has yet to produce the promised results."
  • To prove his point, Gregory rolled a clip of Joe Biden informing us that "the Bush foreign policy is in tatters. Judge the Bush foreign policy by its own standards. He said he was going to deal with the Axis of Evil and in every case those nations are more dangerous."
  • The tag team continued with Gregory stepping back in to substantiate Biden's point: "Iraq on the brink of civil war, a rising Iran defying the world over nuclear weapons and flexing its muscles, and missile tests by North Korea, in violation of diplomatic demands."
  • Things could always get worse for W, and sure enough they did, as Greogry went on to inform us that: "Even the president's conservative allies say the world has become more unstable. Where, they now ask, is the president's nerve?"

Remind me never to get any 'allies' like that.

Finkelstein lives in the liberal haven of Ithaca, NY, where he hosts the award-winning public-access TV show 'Right Angle.' Contact him at mark@gunhill.net

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