Pinkerton Leaves Libs At Loss on Missile Defense

Twice in less than 24 hours, Jim Pinkerton, conservative columnist at Newsday and Tech Central Station, left liberal talking-head rivals at a loss for words on the issue of missile defense.

Pinkerton's first victim was Neal Gabler, on last evening's Fox News Watch. In the context of the North Korean missile tests, liberal Gabler flatly stated: "Missile defense does not work. That is what we have learned." Shot back Pinkerton: "The Japanese believe in it. That's why they're building it right now." Gabler's silence was golden.

Then this morning, Pinkerton made his regular appearance with Ellen Ratner in their 'Long & the Short of It' segment of Fox & Friends Weekend. Fans of the duo should be advised that the segment has been moved from Saturday to Sunday morning, at about 7:15 AM. The good news is that the pair are now appearing during two segments, an expansion of the short slot they had previously been accorded.

Could there be some liberal talking points in circulation on missile defense? Because, sure enough, Ellen trotted out the same line as Gabler: "Missile defense doesn't work."

Pinkerton had his retort ready: "Then why are Israel and Japan building it?"

Ratner ventured a response: "People can build it, it doesn't mean that it's working."

Pinkerton: "They think it's going to work. Who knows more - them or you?"

This time, the Ratner's only reply was nervous laughter.

Score it Pinkerton 2, skeptical liberals 0.

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