WashPost Picks Up On MRC Study

The MRC Business & Media Institute's latest study is getting notice in the media.

The Washington Post's Frank Ahrens did a write-up below-the-fold in the business section today.

"Bad Company," the first of a three-part study series on media coverage of the American businessman is available here.

Here's a bit of what Ahrens wrote:

On the heels of last month's conviction of top Enron Corp.
executives comes this nugget from the Media Research Center, a
conservative television watchdog group that examines programming to
determine how certain groups are portrayed. In this study, the group
claims that Hollywood unfairly and overwhelmingly casts businessmen and
women as "criminal CEOs and murdering MBAs."

The group's Business
& Media Institute watched 129 episodes of the 12 top-rated
prime-time shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox during the May and November
"sweeps" periods of 2005. If you're a TV businessman, you may want hire
a crisis-management group to help your image. After which, apparently,
you will kill them.

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