AP Headline Writer Opts for 'Limited' Over 'Operational'

There ought to be a Pulizter for the Headline Most Disconnected From the Attached Story. Then again, maybe there was, and the AP simply retired it years ago.

U.S. says missile-defense system limited

AP White House Correspondent

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) -- The United States said Thursday that a
U.S. missile-defense system under development has "limited operational
capability" to protect against weapons such as the long-range missile
North Korea is said to be near firing.

It's news that a ground-based missile system, hampered for years by the efforts of such forward-thinking senators as Carl Levin and Ted Kennedy, and previously described as being tested, is "limited?"

The news here ought to be that the administration is describing it as "operational." And very good news, indeed.

If the NorKos do decide to launch, and we do decide to shoot the thing down, no doubt the AP will focus on sea life disturbed by the falling debris.

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