Smerconish: GOP Should Confront 'Appalling' Coulter

Talk radio show host Michael Smerconish appeared on tonight's Scarborough Country to promote his suggestion, set forth in this column, Cut Coulter Loose, that the GOP disavow Ann Coulter for the statements in her most recent book, 'Godless', about the 9/11 Jersey Girl widows .

Smerconish told Scarborough that the Republican party needs to "make clear" that Coulter's comments are "appalling."

Scarborough sympathized, saying that Coulter's Jersey Girl comments "need to be condemned."  He complained that when you do criticize Coulter, "conservatives accuse people like us of being traitors."

Responded Smerconish: "Whatever advantage is gained from the way in which she fires up a hardcore conservative base is more than offset by the way folks are repulsed in middle America, the moderates, by what she's saying."

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