Paula Poundstone on NPR: Republicans are Homophobes

NPR's got a weekly news quiz program called "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me!" It's actually pretty funny, although like most of NPR's programming, it has a fairly pronouced port-side list.

This week, though, the decidedly unfunny Paula Poundstone (as of this writing, NPR's list of the week's panelists is incorrect) asked, in response to a question about gay marriage:

I don't even know what a gay Republican is. Does that mean they beat themselves up in parking lots?

Which got a predictably hearty laugh from the audience. You can hear it on the first clip listed, the "Who's Carl This Time?" segment.

Ah, suppose a comedian on publicly-funded radio had asked, "What's a Democratic soldier? Does that mean he spits on himself in airports?" It would have had about the same relevance, about the same accuracy, the same truth content (which is to say, none), and it would have been met with immediate howls of indignation that someone's patriotism was being impugned.

She also asked

Who are these Log Cabin guys? They show up around every election, and then they just disappear and you don't hear from them.

Which I guess means they behave just the opposite from Democratic voters.

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