Rocky: Candidate For Office Just Another Joe

Well, yes, actually, although you wouldn't know it from this morning's addition to the "Yes, but" Chorus from the Rocky.

The al-Qaida leader's demise has given the Iraqi people "a lot of hope and optimism," said Joe Rice, a former Glendale mayor and Army reservist who recently completed his second tour in Iraq.

Joe Rice is also running as a Democrat to succeed Joe Stengel in the Colorado House's 38th District.  Should our friend Matt Dunn win the Republican nomination, this is the guy he'll be going up against.

On March 18, the Rocky ran both an op-ed by Rice, and an editorial referencing that op-ed, and neither mentioned Rice's candidacy for the House 38th. 

Rice has actually been over there, so he does have some expertise on the situation.  But doesn't it behoove the Rocky to point out when they're giving free pub to a candidate for office?

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