'Today': More Things Change, More the Liberal Bias Stays the Same

Katie Couric's gone, but not to worry: the Today show hasn't missed a beat of liberal bias. This morning's topic was one near and dear to the MSM heart - gay marriage. And sure enough . . .

Ann Curry interviewed MSNBC show host and former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough on the issue. But while Ann theoretically is serving as Matt Lauer's temporary co-host pending the arrival of Meredith Vieira, Curry seems stuck in her erstwhile newsreader mode, dutifully parroting DNC and NY Times talking points.

The basic liberal line on the marriage amendment debate is "why are we wasting time on this when there are so many more pressing issues to be addressed?"  And sure enough, the very first words out of Curry's mouth to Scarborough were: "we are in the middle of a rising public debate about the war with Iraq and Haditha and hurricane season is coming. Why in your view is the president attacking gay marriage now?" Hurricanes and Haditha in one sentence - not bad, Ann. But if only you had worked Halliburton in there, it would have been shades of My Fair Lady: 'in hurricanes, Haditha and Halliburton, amendments hardly happen!'

Curry sang the same tune in her next question:

"The New York Times said 'it was depressing in the extreme to hear the chief executive trying to pretend at this moment in American history that this was a critical priority. We heard Joe Biden on Meet the Press on Sunday [say that] talking about gay marriage without any real plans to deal with the real problems Americans face like national security and the energy crisis, really causes a lot of people a lot of concern. Do you think the president is taking any risks in this strategy that you say will work?"

OK, it took till your second question, but you did work the 'energy crisis' in there. Good going, Ann.

And just in case anyone missed the point, here's how Ann wrapped things up: "are you saying this morning that you agree with critics that the president in making these moves is pandering to his base?"

For the record, the essence of Scarborough's take was that of course the president is reacting to his low poll numbers and is reaching out to his conservative base, that religious conservatives are well aware of this but don't particularly care so long as attention is being paid to their issues.

There was another, highly ironic, twist to Today's coverage of the gay marriage debate. NBC White House reporter had this to say:

"At the heart of the debate is the question of who decides whether same-sex marriage is lawful. . . Supporters of the ban on gay marriages insist the institution of marriage is ruined by judges. Opponents say no, it's for the states and not the federal government to decide this question."

Odd. I don't recall Gregory making the case for states rights when it comes to . . . abortion.

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