Susan Sarandon Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Opponent in New York Senatorial Race

The Associated Press is reporting (hat tip to Drudge) that actress and liberal activist Susan Sarandon has endorsed Jonathan Tasini, a long-shot challenger to Hillary Clinton in the New York senatorial race. According to the article: “Sarandon has been a harsh critic of Clinton's vote on the war, telling a British television interviewer last month that Clinton had ‘crumbled under the pressure of the moment.’ She also told ITV1 that she wasn't enthusiastic about a Clinton presidential candidacy.”

The article continued:

“Announcing Sarandon's endorsement, Tasini called the 59-year old Academy Award winner a ‘passionate advocate for human rights, justice and civil liberties’ and said he was ‘honored’ to have her support.

"'She has never wavered when the call has come for people to stand on the front lines in support of progressive principles that affect the lives of so many people in our country,’ Tasini said.”

So, is this indeed an ominous portent for Hillary’s future with the Hollywood left? Hardly. Sarandon’s views on Sen. Clinton have been all over the map recently: “Earlier this month, Sarandon joined Clinton at a rally in Washington for the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which promotes research on spinal cord injuries. There, Sarandon offered nothing but praise for Clinton, saying ‘we are all very lucky to have her here today as a leader in Congress.’"

So, Susan, how lucky is that if you are endorsing her opponent a few weeks later?

Associated Press
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