Liberals Complain About 7-Up Label, But Media Won't Label Liberals

Liberal nanny-state advocate Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is at it again: suing the makers of 7-Up for false advertising by tagging its new incarnation of the lemon-lime flavored drink as "7-Up Natural."

Picking up on the story, ABC's "World News Tonight" on May 11 presented CSPI as merely a non-profit group concerned with truth-in-advertising. But the group is far more concerned with what you eat and drink than what is printed on the label:

Recently, CSPI pulled an anti-soda lawsuit filed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts only after a settlement with soft drink manufacturers brokered by former President Bill Clinton.

In his press release announcing the school soda ban, Jacobson expressed a thirst for more regulation, including the elimination of the “sale of candy, cookies, French fries, potato chips” as well as snack foods and “sports drinks” which are “standard fare in school vending machines.”

Aside from litigation, CSPI favors other liberal remedies for social problems, such as instituting a fast food tax or raising taxes on beer to discourage heavy alcohol consumption by young people.

Rather than being the advocate for unsuspecting consumers ABC presents them as, CSPI is an advocate for artificially raising the costs of “junk food” and alcoholic beverages which millions of Americans of their free will choose to purchase.

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