LA Times Creates False Impression on Protester Arrests in Murrieta

Deceitful. That is the best way to describe a Los Angeles Times report about five protesters arrested yesterday in Murrieta, CA. Nowhere in the story are the identities of the protestors indicated; whether they are pro-amnesty or against the dumping of the illegals in a federal facility in their city.

Although the truth is very carefully avoided in the Los Angeles Times, you can find it right way in the headline at the Gateway Pundit: "FIVE COUNTER-PROTESTERS ARRESTED During Tense Standoff at Murrieta Illegal Immigrant Rally." The co-conspirators in the Los Angeles Times attempt to keep its readers from learning WHO were arrested were Tony Perry, James Barrigan, and Matt Hansen. Here is their plunge into utter deceitfulness:

Five people were arrested Friday during protests in Murrieta over immigrant detainees being housed here, though so far it appears no detainees have been sent to this Inland Empire city.

And WHO were those arrested? Those protesting the arrival of the illegals or the pro-amnesty counter-protesters? The L.A. Times gives not a clue even though they know full well the answer. Here is the finale of their report that continues to avoid actually informing us WHO were arrested.

In a reversal from earlier in the week, there were substantially more demonstrators on the immigration-rights side.

Authorities kept the road to the center clear and the protesters in check, although scuffles did break out. Murrieta police arrested five people for obstructing officers during an afternoon altercation. One other person was arrested earlier in the day.

The group protesting the transfer of the immigrants to California waved American flags and chanted "U.S.A," while across the street demonstrators responded with, "Shame on you!"

Here is the information from the Gateway Pundit that the L.A. Times scrupulously avoided:

Five far left counter-protesters were arrested today in Murrieta, California as protesters and open borders supporters gathered outside a Southern California Border Patrol facility.

Thank you Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit for that information. And in case you missed that, Hoft emphasizes it once again:

The pro-illegal immigrant counter-protesters were the ones arrested.

Got that, L.A. Times? If not, perhaps this video will give you a clue.


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