WaPo World Cup Sneer: Subway 'Infested All Corners of Brazil'

In Friday’s Washington Post, their soccer writer Steven Goff had “ten random thoughts from Brazil” from his World Cup reporter’s notebook. This was number one. “I am sad to report Subway has infested all corners of Brazil.”

Why do liberals always have to see an American food concern as some kind of noxious virus of cultural imperialism? Especially when they’re selling a fair amount of Michelle Obama-friendly items? These people mourn when China allows a KFC. Goff originally wrote 50 observations online, which they whittled down to ten.

The Subway “infestation” was number three on that one. Number four was: “Sao Paulo’s upscale malls would rival high-end destinations in the United States. The one near my hotel runs deep and then expands – retail fracking.”

The Post left that one out of the paper, as well as the home team note:

39. The U.S. squad plays with more heart than perhaps any other country in the World Cup (or world). Now if only it could develop a No. 10.

Although they did include:

42. The U.S. men’s national team has a fantastic and classy goalkeeper. The U.S. women’s national team has a fantastic goalkeeper.

It’s hard to believe this didn’t make the list of ten:

14. I will never moan about difficult travel after hearing about a media colleague who lost a credit card, had another one cloned for $46,000 worth of charges, got stuck in a middle seat in the last row of an overnight flight, had his hotel door knob fall off and his flight home cancelled.

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