FLOTUS Flops on Parks & Rec

Parks and Recreation closed out its season last night with a star-studded bang: from musicians most people have probably never heard of before but assume have some cache (here's lookin' at you, Kay Hanley), to Jon Hamm, to THE FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

As a president, Barack Obama has often been criticized for his celebrity status. Critics argue that political leaders to be refined, dignified and sophisticated, rather than pals with athletes, musicians, and actors. Sophistication commands respect - something the US could clearly use more of on the world stage.

That said, the FLOTUS is in a little bit different of a position. Her role is a much more hands-on, active in the community type of thing. It's hard to get kids to just say no or exercise more if you aren't visiting interacting with the hoi polloi. What better way to get people's attention about an important subject like healthy living than mixing it up in the world of pop culture?

Michelle Obama's visit to the set of Parks and Recreation isn't the first time a FLOTUS has taken her mission to the tv set either. Nancy Reagan appeared on Different Strokes to promote her "Just Say No" campaign.

The problem here is not with Michelle Obama's media whirlwind. Well, there is actually one problem with it: her on-camera persona. She looks stiff and uncomfortable. Obviously she isn't an actress, but this isn't her first rodeo in front of a camera either. Stuff like this and this are just awkward.

But this appearance on Parks and Recreation was more than just awkward. It was ineffective. It's doubtful that this appearance will move the needle at all in the War on Obesity. She had just enough screen time to quickly say the name of her initiative and no more. Because of this, I can only give her acting chops a C-(remember, she isn't trained as an actress) and her plugging of Let's Move an F.


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