Rooney: Days of CBS News as “Paragon of Journalistic Virtue” Are “Gone”

Wow, the CBS Christmas parties are sure going to be fun. Veteran commentator Andy Rooney recently amended his earlier comments about designated Evening News anchor Katie Couric. I don’t think these statements will be popular over at CBS either:

Rooney: "I have this ancient view of CBS News as a paragon of journalistic virtue, and that time is gone."

The most charitable way to characterize that statement would be as a backhanded compliment. In an interview with TV Week, (registration required) Mr. Rooney went on to say that he realizes this is a "skewed vision." He also added, "I ought to get over it. I mean, there are people who can do television other then Walter Cronkite and I should be ready to admit that." Rooney’s latest comments were picked up and reported on the April 12 edition of Fox and Friends First, airing at 6:41AM EDT.

The CBS veteran also stated, "I guess if I had it to say over again, I’d be a little softer with it. I like this woman and I think she’s very good." Well, there you go. That should make those accidental meetings between Rooney and Couric on the set of 60 Minutes a little less awkward.

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