'Do a Lunge Every Time Boehner Doesn't Clap' Like Others?

For cheesy State of the Union coverage, consult the Washington Post's Express tabloid. This morning, Marissa Payne suggested instead of drinking games during the speech, you can try exercise games.

For example,"Do a lunge every time House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t clap while other people do. Feel free to make it a walking lunge. Maybe to the kitchen to get some water."


Do 10 pushups each time the camera pans to Michelle Obama. Envision arms as toned as hers.

Do a high kick each time Vice President Joe Biden smiles and winks at someone in the audience.

PS: Next to that article was a little paragraph about the GOP response by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. In that, AP sneered "She stands out in a GOP conference dominated by older white men." So even if the GOP doesn't pick an older white man, you can count on AP to underline "older white men" with a yellow Hi-Liter.

PPS: The Express also noticed the findings of Gregory Ferenstein at TechCrunch.com, out to test the gullibility of Americans when taking surveys:

A whopping 63% of Americans polled had an opinion, either for or against, helping out the good people of “Guavastan”. Guavastan, not yet an actual place, is a luxury island I hope to inhabit after striking it rich in the field of journalism.

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