USA Today Article on Vieira Leaves Out Anti-War Activism

USA Today omitted any reference to incoming Today host Meredith Vieira's anti-war activism in Peter Johnson's April 7 Life section article, even as a brief, indirect allusion to coverage of the controversy was included in an online filing posted the evening of April 6:

Conservative bloggers pounced on NBC's choice, saying Vieira has a long record on The View as an anti-war liberal. But Vieira said that on The View,
which she expects to leave in May, she was paid to express her
opinions. "There is nothing I have ever said that I am ashamed of," she
said, but on Today, her opinions "have no place. It's a different animal."

As the MRC's Brent Baker posted to shortly after noon on April 6:

On the Monday, August 30, 2004 edition of The View, the former CBS 60 Minutes
reporter told viewers that she attended the anti-Bush protest held in
New York City on the Sunday before the Republican convention opened,
insisting: "I didn't go anti-Bush or pro-Kerry. I'm still so upset
about this war and I'm so proud I live in a country where you can
protest." She showed a photo of herself marching with her pre-teen
daughter and her husband, Richard, who was the senior political
producer at CBS News for most of the 1980s. Behind her in the photo: A
protest sign featuring a “W,” for George W. Bush, with a slash through

Johnson did mention two other issues which may generate controversy for Vieira: her television ads for Bayer pain reliever and her ongoing contract for the daytime version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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