Huff-Poster Makes Fanboy List of 12 Reasons Obama Will Be 'One of the Best Presidents Ever'

The Huffington Post is the home of America’s number one Obama fanboy. Meet Matthew Lynch, “school reform advocate,” who has written an article entitled “12 Reasons Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever.” It includes entries like “3. He is for one race – the human race.”

 “While I acknowledge he has made a number of mistakes in recent years, I stand firm in my conviction that Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents America has ever seen. I believe history will prove this, and with time, he will be remembered in the annals of history as a revered revolutionary," Lynch oozed. Even Obamacare is one of the 12 reasons Obama’s the best ever:

4. He for a healthcare system that brings hope and healing to the hurting. Obama's healthcare plan has allowed uninsured Americans to reap the benefits of a universal healthcare system. A suffering child should never be turned away because his or her mother doesn't have health insurance. To deny medical assistance to people who desperately need it is barbaric. Obama's health care plan has placed America among the world's greatest superpowers who demonstrate care and compassion toward its constituents with healthcare that serves all.

This is what defines liberalism. It doesn’t matter how Obamacare is actually working out. His intentions are all about bringig “hope and healing to the hurting.” So who cares how it actually works in practice?

Two weeks ago, Lynch wrote a similar story “I Have President Obama's Back!” This was the Obamacare paragraph:

Healthcare. While most of the hard work on healthcare was done during his first term, the president is making all the right moves as the biggest piece of Obamacare - insurance options for over 45 million uninsured Americans is finally being implemented. The group Organizing for Action spent upwards of $1 million in the summer months to taut the benefits of the new programs and educate the public on when they could start shopping for subsidized private insurance, which was as of Oct. 1. With so much negativity and confusion surrounding health care reform in the past, get ready to see the many positives of this sweeping legislation during the final quarter of 2013.

Nostradamus he is not. He wrote this on November 4.

There's several other Best Presidents Ever reasons that are especially gushy:

7. He is for doing away with pomp and circumstance. Let's be real -Obama is one cool cat. As the 44th president of the United States, he has changed the face of the Oval Office forever. Many suggest Obama's casual demeanor and informal interaction with the American people is inappropriate, and even downright offensive. Millions of people, however -me included -perceive his relaxed deportment, humorous candor and outright honesty as a breath of fresh air.

This is how it ends:

12. He is for entertaining the masses. If we have to listen to a president yakitty-yak about this or that for another four years, we might as well pick one with charisma and charm. If you can't find anything else appealing about Obama, you can't deny the fact that the guy is an amazing speaker with wit, fantastic comedic timing and an incredible intellect. In fact, I will go so far as to say that when the man does finally retire from politics, he has a rewarding and lucrative job as a stand up comic awaiting him if he so chooses. When's the last time you heard a president joke about drinking beer, belt out Al Green with poise and precision at a moment's notice and admit to watching the Kardashians?

If these 12 reasons aren't enough to convince that president Obama is one of the best presidents ever, then you are not thinking objectively!

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