Politico Headlines Reflect Depth Of Obamacare Disaster For Dems

At NewsBusters, we often document Politico's liberal tilt. For example, a couple of years ago I wrote an item highlighting the fact that all six stories in that day's Politico's "Daily Digest" were Dem-friendly.

So it is a mark of just how deep the Obamacare disaster is for Dems that four of the five items in today's "Daily Digest" focus on Obamacare's catastrophic debut and its political implications.  See the stories after the jump.

Here are headlines from today's "Daily Digest."  If you're a Dem, read 'em and weep.

Takeaways: Obamacare numbers
The law makes a bad first impression.

GOP plan: Don't blow it
Republicans are being handed political gold — and they may have found a way to avoid screwing it up.

Dems seek Obamacare balance
The dash to debug Obamacare among Senate Democrats is splintering the caucus.

Obama's trust gap

The crisis numbers for the White House show people’s trust in President Obama evaporating.

On yesterday's Morning Joe, one Dem panelist suggested there might simply be no way for Obamacare ever to recover.

And when Politico parades this lugubrious line-up, are Dems looking into the abyss?