Obama Not Ignoring Laws, Ed Schultz Claims, He's Merely Not Enforcing Them

For the sake of truth in advertising, Ed Schultz should rename his eponymous radio show with the more accurate title, "Comedic Stylings of Ed Schultz."

Schultz's latest example of unintended doofusness over the airwaves came on Friday when a caller asked him for advice on answering criticism of the Obama administration from the caller's conservative friends. (Audio clips after the break)

The response from Schultz deserves at least honorable mention in the annals of liberal idiocy (audio) --

CALLER: I need some help here, Ed. I've got some of my Republican buddies telling me that, my argument is, if you've got established law, leave Obamacare alone, if you want to change it go through the legislative process. Their comeback to me is, we have Defense of Marriage Act which is ignored, we have immigration laws that were ignored, we have voting intimidation laws that were ignored, so why should they not ignore Obamacare?, number one. Secondly ...

SCHULTZ: Well no, they weren't, they weren't, they weren't ignored, they were not enforced.

CALLER: Right, they're not enforced, so that these guys are saying, why should we worry about Obamacare?

SCHULTZ (pauses, gears whirring furiously): Well, OK, don't and pay the fine then. Don't get it and pay the fine. Eventually that's what it's going to come to.

"They weren't ignored, they were not enforced" -- a distinction without a difference, at least to those grounded in reason and reality, pre-existing conditions which don't apply to Obama's most craven apologists. Suffice to say that his politicized IRS will be scrupulous in enforcing Obamacare fines and taxes.

Another example of Schultz's comedic stylings from the same broadcast (audio) --

And if I were the president, I would be talking to these veteran (GOP) senators who have not been spawned by the same psychos that spawned Ted Cruz. And if I were the president, I wouldn't even, I wouldn't even look at Cruz. He's not worthy. You know, he's just not, he's not worth the president's time. The president actually, in my opinion, is doing the Republican Party a favor by even talking to them, they're so low with the American people.

Remember this scene from "Wayne's World"? Only in Ed's World is Cruz unworthy of even a glance from Dear Leader's benevolent gaze.

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