Daily Kos Blogger: Forget Rules, Say Republicans -- Block Those (Minority) Votes!

Sports analogies are a lot more illuminating when those who make them understand how the relevant sports are played. The Kossack known as "Helpless" failed that test on Friday.

"Helpless" asserted that Democrats are far more ethical than Republicans, as demonstrated by the Dems' enthusiasm for registering voters contrasted with the GOP's alleged eagerness to suppress votes from heavily Democratic minority groups. In so doing, however, he offered an analogy that suggests he's never watched a hotly contested NBA or college game (emphasis added):

...Democrats are [like] basketball players and Republicans are like football players. You know the ad where the opposing basketball player passes the ball and it goes out of bounds with just a few seconds left?...[O]ne player sheepishly tells his coach, "I touched the ball". Coach tells him to go tell the ref [about the missed call]. That's how basketball is supposed to be played...With integrity.

Has anyone ever seen a football receiver tell a ref the ball bounced off the turf into his hands? Or a defensive tackle confess he held a pass rusher? Of course not. That's how football is played. Whatever you can get away with is good. And it struck me, with their registration efforts, Democrats by and large are playing basketball. And with their voter suppression efforts, Republicans are playing football. It is obvious to me that Republicans don't believe in democracy. And I'm sure the poor and black populations being oppressed overwhelmingly agree...

In the comments section, one Kossack set "Helpless" straight:

I don't know what basketball you watch. But having written about it in some form for seven years, I don't know of any basketball player, high school, college or pro who confesses to having touched the ball and most coaches would tell them to be quiet.

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