More People Watched Obama's Syria Address on Fox Than CNN and MSNBC Combined

If you believe what the liberal media claim, Fox News is an Obama-bashing network exclusively watched by Obama haters.

It should come as a great shock to such folk that more Americans watched the President's address about Syria on Fox Tuesday than on CNN and MSNBC combined.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox had 4.04 million viewers during the President's speech. CNN had 1.91 million and MSNBC 1.2 million.

The numbers in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 were 939k, 683k, and 310k respectively.

Fascinating that more folks were interested in watching the President's address on Fox than on the two liberal "news" channels combined.

Might it be that people wanted to hear real analysis of the speech after its conclusion rather than the echo chamber on CNN and especially MSNBC?


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