Feds Went After Snowden Like 'Far Right' East German Police, John Cusack Opines

Enough years have passed since the demise of the Soviet Union that the politics of one of its closest allies is forgotten when convenient.

Among those with selective memory is actor, filmmaker and outspoken liberal political activist John Cusack. When not appearing on either side of a camera, Cusack is a prolific tweeter as anyone following his Twitter feed is aware.

Earlier today he tweeted this and linked to a Boing Boing post he wrote defending NSA leaker Edward Snowden --

This is far right folks - like Stassi right - Point is what is being done in the name of 911 - and it must stop http://boingboing.net/2013/06/17/the ...

Wrong, Mr. Cusack -- the Stasi, East Germany's secret police, were leftists, not "far right" as you claim. It makes no sense that a leftist government would hire right wingers to run its domestic spying and internal security, wouldn't you agree?

It doesn't surprise me that Cusack claims this. Liberals are also loathe to admit that East Germany's totalitarian predecessor -- Nazi Germany -- was run by leftist extremists as well. If you want to see a liberal become the very thing he claims to hate, point this out to him and watch the transformation occur before your eyes.

Since film is a language that Cusack appreciates -- and I've enjoyed many of his movies over the years -- I suggest he watch "The Lives of Others" for a better understanding of East Germany before the Iron Curtain came crashing down.

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