George Stephanopoulos Can't Pray at Home Without Giggles

In this week's People magazine, they profile George Stephanopoulos and his wife, actress/comedian Ali Wentworth. As might be expected, the spouse offers a little too much information. Would most men like their wife telling People magazine “He will sing and dance to ‘Dreamgirls’ with the kids and cry at ‘The Little Mermaid’”?

As the story wrapped up, readers learned that no one except George takes a prayer before meals seriously:

In many ways they’re charmingly old-fashioned. Before dinner George loves giving thanks while all the Stephanopouli hold hands. But in Wentworth’s house, wisecracks are also a tradition. During grace, “our eldest is looking at me and rolling her eyes,” she quips. “Probably because I told her she can’t watch TV. The 8-year-old can’t ever wait because she’s so hungry, and the two dogs are under George’s chair, waiting for him to throw scraps."

Her husband feigns shock: “Well, it’s a nice moment for me,” he protests. “Yes,” she teases, “It’s your moment.”

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