Yet Another Federal Court Rebukes Obama for Unconstitutional Appointments, Nets Fail to Report

Back in May I noted that the Big Three broadcast networks failed to report on the Third Court Court of Appeals issued a ruling invalidating an Obama recess appointment that was made when the Senate was technically in session. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals made a similar ruling in late January.

Well, yesterday, a third federal court, this time the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, rebuked the president for unconstitutional recess appointments, as Tal Kopan of Politico reported here. Yet once again, the liberal broadcast news media showed absolutely no interest in the development, censoring the story from their July 17 evening newscasts and July 18 morning news programs.

Back in May I observed that were George W. Bush the president, the media most certainly would have covered the court's rebuke and weaved it into a larger narrative about growing concerns about the president, and his administration's abuse of power:

Imagine that in a week in which George W. Bush was dogged by not one or two but three scandals -- one of which was the IRS singling out liberal groups for stricter scrutiny -- a federal appeals court invalidated a recess appointment the Republican president made, finding he improperly ran an end run around the U.S. Senate. The national media would, no doubt, pick up on the story as evidence that the president was abusing power, weaving the development into a larger narrative about the president's untrustworthiness in light of the aforementioned scandals.

It's now mid-July and not much has changed: the president of the United States transgressing constitutional limits on his authority is considered no big deal to the Obama-shielding media.

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