WaPo Humorist: "Easier to Be" Conservative Since "You [Don't] Have to Think As Much"

In Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten's weekly online chat this past Tuesday, a poster asked Gene to assess "the George Will [column that] made the claim that conservatives have happier lives than liberals."

Weingarten's response:

I think [Will] was right, though I wouldn't have quite as smug about it as he was.

I think it is easier to be a conservative. You do not have to think as much, beause issues are more black and white. That delivers a sense of general contentment, because the world seems more orderly.

I think there are very intelligent, deep-thinking conservatives, but I also think it is easier for a dumb, incurious, narrowminded person to be a conservative than to be a liberal. [Emphasis added.]

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