Stephanie Miller Radio Show Crew Thinks Deadly Plane Crashes Are Hilarious

The strange radio-and-TV habitat known as The Stephanie Miller show somehow found it hilarious on Wednesday to ponder how American airplane passengers will be panicky about flying after the Asiana Airlines crash on the runway in San Francisco on Sunday that killed two and injured 182.

Miller and her sidekicks laughed about airplane crashes by imitating Irish pilots and pretending that they were drinking. One might wonder how much drinking is going on in this studio. (Audio and transcript below).

STEPHANIE MILLER: Don’t you think this is going to make people more panicky now?


MILLER: Things are even slightly awry. It’s just like there’s going to be a lot of that ding-dong, bing-bong "Hello, flight attendant, what’s, what’s happening? I’d like to speak to the captain in person.

LAVOIE: Are we coming in too slow and low?

MILLER: Ha, what’s happening?

JIM WARD, SIDEKICK: Somebody check the auto throttle please.


WARD: What’s going on there?

MILLER: Everybody, it’s like a nation of like Schneider’s.

LAVOIE:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MILLER: Excuse me ah this seems like there might be something off with the pitch in the auto throttle.

WARD: Wait a minute 30 degrees of flap are you sure of that?

MILLER: Has he had enough hours of training on the stick and shake and stick something thing

WARD: Stick shaker.

MILLER: Right, stick shaker.

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