Liberal College Students Sign Petition to Make Spying on Fox News Legal

Despite the fact that Fox News has been shown to be favorable or neutral toward many left-leaning agenda items like immigration or gay marriage, there is still a lot of hatred among many "liberals" that the cable news channel even exists.

Our MRCTV colleague Dan Joseph demonstrated this tendency nicely the other day when he went to the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and had no problem getting the students there to sign a petition making it legal for the government to spy on and monitor the communications of all Fox News employees. Video is below:

As NewsBusters readers are likely aware, James Rosen, a reporter for Fox News, was recently revealed to have been named a "suspect" in a leak investigation and his emails and phone records were seized by federal government officials.

Such is the quality of the American education system today that many students have no idea what the First Amendment is or the protections that it offers. And forget about knowing what the Fourth Amendment is.

Joseph's findings echo those of another video we wrote about in April where gullible college students signed up for "pressure cooker control" following the Boston Marathon bombings.

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