On Leno: Kids Ask Obama the Darndest Questions

Ever since he announced he was stepping down as Tonight Show host Jay Leno has seemingly been harder on Barack Obama. Well on Monday's Tonight Show with Jay Leno that trend continued as Leno featured a clip of schoolchildren peppering the President with the tough questions that the press should be hammering him with on a daily basis.

Watch and laugh. (Video after the jump)

JAY LENO: Actually President Obama made a surprise visit to a school in Baltimore on Friday. And these kids, you know these little kids are so much more sophisticated nowadays. Here's the video. Take a look.

(Begin video clip of Obama meeting with children)

BARACK OBAMA: Hello everybody!

TEACHER: Here's our special guest.

OBAMA: Hi, how ya doing?

CHILD#1: In regards to Benghazi, what did you know and when did you know it?

CHILD#2: Mitch McConnell says you govern my intimidation. Is that true?

CHILD#3: Isn't it unconstitutional to secretly obtain phone records of AP reporters?

CHILD#4: Are Eric Holder's days numbered?

CHILD#5: Who inside hatched the plan to target conservatives?

(End clip)

LENO: Who are these kids? These kids are so sharp!

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