'Bassar Ashad'? Really, President Obama?

Sure, it was just one of those tongue-tied moments we've all experienced.   But if it had been George W. Bush mispronouncing the name of a world leader who is very much in the news, imagine the field day the MSM would have had with it.

At his press appearance with British PM David Cameron today, aired on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, President Obama was seen pronouncing the name of the Syrian dictator Bashir Assad as "Bassar Ashad." PBO pauses before pronouncing, seeming to sense he's about to get it wrong, but decides to plunge ahead.  There's another priceless moment: when the show cuts back to the studio, guest-hosting Chuck Todd is seen with a hilariously baffled look on his face.  View the video after the jump.

Again, President Obama's blunder is no biggie . . . but if the shoe were on a Republican presidential foot?  

Note: when W mispronounced the names of the Israeli PM and the Palestinian president, HuffPo ran an item about it.  Think they'll do the same for Obama's bumble?

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