Dennis Rodman: 'Obama Can't Do S--t' About North Korea, 'F--k Him'

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman had some vulgar words for President Obama Thursday.

Asked by TMZ about his recent tweet that asked North Korean despot Kim Jong Un to release detained American Kenneth Bae, Rodman said, "Obama can't do s--t...F--k him."

While strolling down the sidewalk with a friend in Los Angeles Thursday, Rodman was approached by a TMZ crew and asked whether his upcoming trip to North Korea was about trying to get Bae freed.

“Once I go back over there August 1st, I hope I can do one thing, at least get time served,” Rodman responded.

“It’s going to be difficult, because I think his nationality, as far as background, I think there’s a whole different situation," he continued. "But, hey, I’m not a diplomat, man.”

"I’m going to do one thing for you," Rodman added. "We got a black president can’t even go talk to him, how about that one? Put that on your G-d damn show!”

“I’ll put it like this," Rodman continued as he appeared to be getting frustrated with the questions. "Obama can’t do s--t. I don’t know why he won’t do it, so do that bulls--t.”

In a subsequent video shot some time later, Rodman once again went after Obama.

"At least Kim did one thing: he took the missiles back," Rodman said. "He took the missiles back, right? That black guy called, what, Obama. F--k him. Really?"

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