Fox News Will Air One-hour Gosnell Documentary, Reports New Poll on Gosnell Blackout

Fox News will air a one-hour documentary on Sunday night, May 5 titled "See No Evil – The Kermit Gosnell Murders.” The scheduled documentary will be the most in-depth coverage the "house of horrors" murder trial has yet to receive on a major news network.

The latest Fox News poll asked voters why they thought the Gosnell case received relatively little attention from the national press. The most common answer: Liberal media bias. Forty-one percent of voters think the lack of coverage is because there’s a pro-abortion rights bias in the news media. 

Another 26 percent say the lack of national coverage is because this is a local crime story, while 17 percent blame it on the gruesomeness of the story’s details.   ‘

Of course, this qualification must be noted: the Fox poll found that only about a third of their sample of voters said they are familiar with the Gosnell story (11 percent said “very” and 21 percent replied “somewhat” familiar). Most voters (68 percent) were unfamiliar with it.

Among just those who were familiar with it, over half -- 57 percent -- think the reason the story hasn’t received more attention is bias. The remaining respondents split between the details being too horrific (18 percent) and it not being a national story (16 percent).

Pro-life respondents (42 percent) were twice as likely as those who favor legal abortion (22 percent) to be familiar with the Gosnell case. Likewise, nearly twice as many Republicans (43 percent) as Democrats (22 percent) said they knew about it.

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