'Amazing Race' Contestant: ‘Rush Would Be Really Upset With Me Missing’ Question About Reagan

There was a moment on CBS's reality show Amazing Race Sunday that's guaranteed to put a smile on conservative faces.

Not only did the contestant currently in first place admit to being a "cigar-chomping, Republican conservative," he also said, "Rush would be really upset with me for missing" a question about Ronald Reagan (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Early in the program, contestants were required to answer three questions before finding out what their next destination was.

The first question was, “Which U.S. President said, ‘Tear down this wall?’”

First place contestant Max initially answered, “John F. Kennedy.” After the computer informed him he was wrong, he then correctly stated Reagan.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Max said to an interviewer, “because Ronald Reagan is my favorite president. I’m definitely the cigar-chomping, Republican conservative. Rush would be really upset with me for missing that.”

It sure was nice to see CBS depict a conservative in a positive light.

I wonder when was the last time that happened.

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