Anderson Cooper: ‘When I Was Seven or Eight I Fell in Love With Robby Benson’

Anderson Cooper on NBC’s Late Night Friday told a childhood story that he never would have relayed on national television until recently.

“When I was seven or eight, I fell in love with Robby Benson.”

During his discussion with host Jimmy Fallon, Cooper mentioned that he was on crew when he was in college.

Rather than go on spring break, the crew team would go to Tampa to train. In their hotel room, they would rent movies at night to pass the time.

“I remembered I loved this movie when I was a kid,” said Cooper. “It was one of my favorite movies, this movie 'One on One.' And it was a basketball movie. So, they're like, ‘Fine.’"

“So we rent this movie,” he continued, “and I'm sitting there watching it, and like five minutes into it, I suddenly remember why I liked this movie so much: because when I was seven or eight, I fell in love with Robby Benson who was the star of this movie.”

“Oh no,” Fallon commented.

“And I saw this movie, I mean, it must have been ten times,” added Cooper. “And I bought the cast album, and I would stare at his picture.”

Fallon then pulled out a publicity photo of the film showing '70s teen heartthrob Benson.

“And you're trying to get your whole crew team to get involved with this guy?” asked Fallon

“Right,” answered Cooper. “So after like ten minutes, I'm suddenly like, ‘Oh, now I remember why I liked ‘One on One.'"

“Oops!” joked Fallon. “‘Never mind, guys.’”

“‘This isn't the right movie,’” said Cooper. “‘This is, no, this is a different.’”

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