Gabler: Cheney 'Doesn't Believe in Free Press', Shooting Was 'Idiocy'

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Neal Gabler's gotta take outlandish swipes at the Bush administration on Fox Media Watch. And, perhaps in a form of childish defiance, Gabler also has a penchant for biting the Fox hand that feeds him.

On tonight's episode, Gabler:

  • Claimed that Vice-President Cheney "doesn't believe in a free press."
  • Described the shooting accident as "idiocy" on the VP's part.
  • Accused Brit Hume of not asking the 'major question' in his interview of Cheney [having to do with the timing of notification].
  • Seconded the notion that the shooting might have been a 'conspiracy' and 'good PR' for purposes distracting attention from the latest Abu Ghraib photo release and other administration problems. Cal Thomas had floated the notion as a joke, but Gabler seemed to pick up on it seriously.
  • Mocked Fox's objectivity, saying "when the Vice-President shoots somebody in the face, it's big news. I don't care where you live, even on Fox News, it's a big story."

Alright Neal, you've met your quota for the night. See you next week.

One might add that, in the talking-head corollary to Gresham's Law, Gabler's bad punditry drives good punditry out of circulation, as he regularly seems to get more than his fair share of air time.

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