“Real Time with Bill Maher” Lampoons Vice President as a Gangsta Rapper

The Huffington Post has a video clip of the introduction to Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO. In it is a satirical advertisement for a new rap album by Dick Cheney, the real “ODP.” Predictably, the piece lampoons Cheney’s recent hunting accident, while bringing up some old favorites including his infamous expletive directed at a member of Congress, as well as some not-so-nice words for a member of the press.

The lyrics (not suitable for children) as transcribed from the video follow. To see the video, go here.  

Tupac – Hard. 50 Cent – Harder.

Now, get ready for the hardest of ‘em all – Dick Cheney, The Notorious V.P. Coming at you like a shotgun blast to the face y’all!

Straight out of Casper with both barrels blazing. He’s so hard his arteries are hard. And his prostate’s tougher than leather.

Dick Cheney – he’s the real ODP…Old Dyin’ Bastard.

That’s right, The Notorious V.P., in stores now, the new album “Get Quail or Die Tryin.’” Featuring the gangsta anthem, “Go F--- Yo’Self.”

Buy it today, or you’re a major league a—hole…Big Time!

Cheney Shooting
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