WaPo's Kamen: Make Hillary's Work 'A Little Easier,' Title Her Memoir

Washington Post In the Loop columnist Al Kamen has once again proven he’s one of the Obama administration’s biggest cheerleaders.  You may recall that he asked readers to choose the First Family’s vacation spot last summer, and dismissed criticism coming from liberals that Obama's second term Cabinet was getting more monochromatic and male.

Well, ol' Al has a new contest for us: picking the title of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's memoir.

Make her work just a little easier, you know?

So send us your very best book-title suggestions — no more than two entries per person, please — and our five favorites will win a coveted Loop T-shirt. Just send them via e-mail by the end of the day Feb. 8 to intheloop@

washpost.com, and be sure to provide your name, profession, mailing address, phone number and T-shirt size (M, L or XL), in case you’re a winner.

Don’t forget that phone number: You must include one to be eligible.

(Congressional and administration types may enter “on background.”)

Need inspiration? Our colleague Ann Gerhart suggested this: “Bob Barnett Made Me Do It,” a reference to the superagent/lawyer who famously handles all the blockbuster book deals for the political elite. We liked her suggestion so much that we promptly drafted her as a member of our august panel of judges.

For reference, Clinton’s other books have included “It Takes a Village” and “Living History” — and let’s not forget the classic “Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets.”)

We’re confident Loop Fans can do better.

Given that Secretary Clinton has logged over a million miles, I’m sure she’s capable of picking her own title, Mr. Kamen.  Furthermore, how about you ask questions as to what will be featured in her book, specifically her involvement in the Benghazi terrorist attack.  

But, you asked for a submission so, here’s mine:  "What the Hell Happened In Benghazi?!"

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