Conn. Congressman Blasts Rick Perry and 'Testerone-Laden' Gun Backers

Congressman Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat who ousted liberal Republican Chris Shays in 2008, suddenly stood out in the House on Wednesday by slashing at Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other gun-rights advocates as “testerone-laden individuals who have blood on their hands.”

Liz Harrington at surely must have gaped at this one, and CNS has the video. Apparently, American politicians need more estrogen. “The notion that more Americans, quote-unquote in the words of Gov. Perry, ‘packing heat,’ will make us safer is not founded in reality in facts or in history,” Himes said.

“It is founded in the fantasy of testosterone-laden individuals who have blood on their hands for articulating that idea,” Himes said.

“There are no arguments against doing something and part of the point of our being here today is to ask not just our colleagues but the American people to join us in this effort," he proclaimed as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stared blankly away at his side.

“And there are no arguments against doing so, starting with the pernicious argument most lately articulated by Gov. Rick Perry of Texas,” Himes said.  “This argument that more guns in a nation awash in guns will make us safer--the facts, the history, the data show that that is not true.” He cited a Rand Institute study.


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