Romney Sweating 'Like a Whore in Church,' Opines Stephanie Miller

Based on her experience as a frequent churchgoer. Obviously.

Libtalker Stephanie Miller on her radio show today used a pithy analogy to describe Mitt Romney appearing to sweat during last night's final presidential debate (audio, h/t, Brian Maloney at --

MILLER: Uh, did you see Mitt start sweat (sic) like a whore in church as the debate went on?


MILLER: Yes, he was trying to sound like some weird hybrid hippie with all this blustering about peace, love and friendship. The wingnuts must have been wondering what he was smoking.

Weird hippie ... what he was smoking ... the '60s ended decades ago, woman, move on!

Miller wasn't the only liberal to cite Romney's perspiration in an attempt to imbue it with seismic significance. So did the equally predictable liberal radio Bill Press and  two of his producers, Peter Ogburn and Dan Henning, who described Romney as looking "sick" and "Nixonian."

Which makes me wonder -- were Miller, Press, et al., equally contemptuous of Al Gore, another candidate known to sweat through debates, when he ran for president?

Back in 2000 when Gore was on the ballot, Democrats in Massachusetts weren't taking any chances. The first of three presidential debates that year was held at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and the temperature inside the hall was so chilly you could practically see your breath. How do I know? Because I was one of the last reporters to get in the hall, finagling a ticket with minutes to spare.

After the debate, I spoke with two janitors who told me the air conditioning was set at 55 degrees, far cooler than outside the hall, to keep "the candidates" from sweating. Since the state university system at the time was run by former state senate president and Democratic loyalist Billy Bulger (yes, brother of gangster Whitey Bulger), there can be little doubt which of "the candidates" the cooler temps were intended to help.

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