Deutsch: Bloomberg Rich But A 'Man of The People', Unlike Romney

Tough day at the office?  In the market for some mood-brightening mirth?  Try this for a guaranteed giggle: Donny Deutsch claims that unlike Mitt Romney, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, while also rich, is a "man of the people."

Let's leave aside Bloomberg's massive wealth and a lifestyle that includes multiple mansions around the world and a fleet of personal aircraft.  What makes Nanny Mike perhaps the least "man of the people" you'd ever meet is his haughty, condescending view that he knows better than the mere masses what they should eat, drink and smoke, and is willing to use his power to enforce his preferences by government fiat.  View the video after the jump.

Watch Deutsch supply an unintentional side-splitter.


DONNY DEUTSCH: Here's the bottom line: there are two kinds of rich guys.  There's Mike Bloomberg, who's 20 times, 100 hundred times richer than Mitt Romney, but is a man of the people and then there's a rich guy who's a private equity guy, who won't show his tax returns --  

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Who has a car elevator.

DEUTSCH: Who has got a car elevator.  Who is playing fudgy, fudgy ball as far as when he was and when he wasn't CEO and that's a rich guy who plays outside the lines that I can't trust.  And that's not an electable figure.