Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person In The World" Shtick To Be Made Into Book

TVNewser notes that Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person In The World" feature on his MSNBC chat show "Countdown" will be made into a book published by John Wiley & Sons. (Hmm, you wonder if he'll have any place in the book for "close seconds," as in "A very close second, Brent Bozell -- yeah, the wacky guy from that Media Research Center scam." )

Olbermann tells the Cox News Service the "worst person" designation is "a euphemism for somebody who's wrong and egregiously stupid and abusing their own position." Can someone get Keith a dictionary? Euphemism is defined by Webster's as "the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant." I hardly think calling someone "Worst Person In The World" is agreeable and pleasant. Speaking of the not-euphemistic, maybe we should seek a book deal out of our feature "The Kooky Keith Award (for Keith Olbermann's Conspiratorial Rants)."

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