Daily Kos Week in Review: Sticky Ricketts

The flap over the proposed big-bucks campaign that would have played up President Obama's ties to Jeremiah Wright turned into a one-day story, but it was enough to inspire one Kossack to envision a comeuppance for "anti-human" conservative "bastards," and then to wish some "horrific" intestinal distress on John Roberts.

As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

oxfdblue: Death (and diarrhea) to right-wingers!
...[T]he forces of evil are going to resurrect Rev. Wright's words and a whole other pile of bullshit...

Want to really see who believe in "G-d damn America?"  It isn't Wright, it's Ricketts...

I cannot find the words to express how sickened I am by what the right wing is willing to do to destroy this nation. Like I said, there is a piece of me that is willing to suffer through their madness in the hope that the reaction against it- when unemployment reaches 25 or 30%; when there is no more Medicare, when Social Security is nothing more than another stock market investment; etc. 

If these traitors got all that and more, then there would finally be a reckoning like there was in 1932. Just maybe then, just maybe, we could be rid of these anti-human selfish bastards. The cost might be incredibly high, but they would be gone.

One last word: Mr. Chief Justice, I hope that you get alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation that keeps you in such horrific pain that you have to first step down from your job, and it last a thousand years afterwards.

MinistryOfTruth: Conservatives no longer fake it
...Remember when Conservatives used to at least pretend to be somewhat compassionate? They used to at least have the decency to pretend to care about real life problems even if they had no solutions or if their solutions made matters worse, they would at least pretend to care for the sake of not looking cruel or inhumane. That doesn't happen anymore. The cruelty and callousness is on full display...
RVKU: Republicans are patriarchal bullies
...I understand that some states will always be harder for a progressive to win, but it seems the voting public always falls for the same attacks that if you elect a progressive; you have spit on a Founding Father.

Which makes sense in their eyes, because Father Knows Best...

...As of right now, the world is still full of black or white issues.  Anything that puts you in the GOP’s perceived “gray area” requires immediate silencing and humiliation.  Or at least, a haircut...

Jen Sorensen: Romney keeps tarnishing his reputation

...Mitt has done some good in the past, such as the health care plan he now distances himself from. But more and more, it seems like he's a human hurricane leaving a trail of unemployed people, bowel-voiding dogs and traumatized gay teens in his wake.

Hammerhand: Mitt's like Dick, only smarter

...When I think of President Mitt Romney I envision a man who sees dollar signs in every tragedy, including ones for which he himself is to blame...I see a man who cares not who or how many he tramples in his King-of-the-Hill game of life, so long as he wins.

I wonder how he would've handled the attacks on the World Trade Center, or Katrina. I wonder what a Mitt Romney Presidency would look like, and I'm not pleased at all with what I'm wondering. I think it would look a lot like what a Cheney Presidency would have looked like. Slightly more brains, but not near enough, and a whole lot less trust...

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