Africa Activist Slams Phony 'War on Women' Meme by Dems, Media

Giving her two cents on the whole Limbaugh/Fluke row today, media strategist Elizabeth Blackney trashed Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, saying it's "just as cynical as Rush's appalling commentary" for Democrats to "raise money on the backs of women."

Blackney, who "recently completed a 40 Day Hunger Strike in order to draw attention to the unprecedented sexual and gender based violence ongoing in Congo," according to her bio, lamented that:

Voters and all citizens deserve better. The only "war on women" is being waged in Sudan, Congo, Syria and other places with oppressive and violent regimes. Tomorrow marks Super Tuesday but it is the votes cast in November that will ultimately adjudicate the Theatre of the Absurd that is 2012's election cycle.

You can read her full comment at's The Arena page here.

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