Randi Rhodes Rips Republicans on Rape, Mocks Limbaugh as 'Repulsive and Impotent'

Liberal radio talker Randi Rhodes can talk about rape and the Republicans coming and going. On Wednesday’s program, these words spewed from her mouth: “Mitt Romney is a - he's a rapist of business! It's a gift! It's a gift!”

Then with Rick Santorum, she continued the “It’s a gift!” line and made fun of Santorum for suggesting on CNN that a child conceived in rape is an innocent child, so a woman could “make the best of a bad situation.” That led Rhodes into a rant against God:  

It's a gift! God gives you a gift of a rape baby, that's what God gives you. Uh - God also gives people cancer - I wonder if Rick Santorum thinks that uh, you know, uh, uh, uh, cancer is given by God and AIDS is given by God - or, in your case, a shocking lack of empathy is given by God. Or in my case - you know, ridiculously acute bronchitis was given to me by God! It's to show me how tough I am! It's to show me just exactly how many steroids I can take before I want to bump your eyes out! Oh my God, look on the bright side rape victims! It was given to you by a man, therefore it must be a gift! It's a gift!

Rhodes continued the craziness later in the program at the notion that Barack Obama isn’t strong on national security:

Oh my god, our national security will be fundamentally weakened - and we will become a regional power, just a regional power? Oh my God we're going to get invaded by Canada! Yes - let's go back to the presidency that we had with George  W. Bush when we didn't have any terrorist attack. Obama is hunting down the fetus - he's hunting them down! He's the worst for the unborn! The worst for the unborn! And there's going to be nuclear attacks! They're going to attack us with free dental care!

On Thursday, Rhodes was saving her screaming for the men who were against Obamacare forcing religious institutions from subsiding contraception and sterilization. If she can mock God, she can certainly mock Catholic bishops: “ The Catholic bishops said, oh my god, oh my - stop it! We want them barefoot and pregnant! It's the only way we understand a woman!”

She shared the Democrats’ anger that somehow women (at least liberal women) didn’t testify: “No, we don't want to hear from the women! You just shut up now! You just shut the eff up, we don't want to hear from you, we don't want any expert testimony, we don't want any female college student who they were offering uh to testify about her experiences, they didn't want a doctor, they didn't want, uh, you know, anybody -- they didn't want any female witnesses at this hearing today!”

Rhodes topped all this off with a vicious personal attack on Rush Limbaugh, taunting him for not having children and suggesting he’s too repulsive to marry. She started with this: “In Rush's world, where he's produced exactly no children. Are you afraid of children, Rush? Are you afraid or are you just unable?”

Then came the repulsive part:

RHODES:  Being repulsive and impotent is a great birth control system! Either that or having a lot of money and sending women to discreet doctors, you know, so that you never have children is good birth control for him! I have a funny feeling - I have a sick feeling that after four wives and no children that there's been an abortion or two and he knows that the kind of woman he's attracted to is some shallow bitch that will do it for money and will promise never to reproduce with him - and will go, you know, dutifully, off to the clinic and - and to the discreet doctor? And this is what he thinks all women are about because these are the ones that are attracted to him!

 CALLER: I'm amazed anyone is. It's just gotta be the money!

RHODES: Of course it's the money!

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