Post Reviewer: Country Duo Too Blue Collar for Blue America

Montgomery Gentry are too blue collar for blue America.

At least that's the impression you would get reading Bill Friskics-Warren's review of the country duo's latest album, a "greatest hits" entitled Something To Be Proud Of.

"Staunch blue-collar populists" like Montgomery Gentry, worries the reviewer, root themselves in nostalgia for a time before "among other cultural advances, the women's and the the civil rights movements."

As proof of sexism and misogyny, Friskics-Warren bemoans the subject of "She Couldn't Change Me" being "put in her place," and is chagrined by the "smugness of the song's macho protagonist."

Country fans could be forgiven for thinking Friskics-Warren is humming the wrong tune, considering the song's main idea is summed up in one lyric.

"I guess when you love someone, you just gotta let it be," after all, is hardly a male chauvinist sentiment.

Yet Friskics-Warren is hardly alone in the pages of the Post when it comes to assailing country music from a liberal political critique. Click here for my Newsbusters post from September on Britt Robson's take on the "reactionary" Gretchen Wilson.

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