Arianna Huffington Lectures Mrs. Obama to Visit the Poor In L.A.

On the Saturday edition of her radio show Both Sides Now with Huffington and Matalin, co-host Arianna Huffington lectured from her very privileged perch that Michelle Obama should be improving her "optics" by not just hobnobbing with wealthy donors in Bel Air and elsewhere. Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer noted Huffington said she should go to poor neighborhoods in "South Central" Los Angeles.

Huffington and Matalin were chatting about liberal New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor's new book on The Obamas and all the White House hatred for it. Mrs. Obama needs to be more like Eleanor Roosevelt, lectured Arianna:

I'd love her [Michelle] to be more [like] Eleanor Roosevelt right now, because the country needs an Eleanor Roosevelt who's going to go around and at the same time that she's doing fundraisers in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, she should go to South Central [Los Angeles], I mean, if I were Michelle Obama right now, I would not go anywhere for a fundraiser without going and seeing the places where there is pain, where there is struggle, where there is homelessness, where there is unemployment.

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