Bill Press: On Terror, 'Bush and Cheney Were Weenies... Obama Is The Killer'

Liberal radio hosts were furious on Friday that President Obama can't get more credit for the death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. On his show, Bill Press attacked: "Obama could have carried their mother out of a burning building and these Republicans wouldn't give him any credit for it."

Then Press went further: "Let's not kid around here. When it comes to this war on terror, right, Bush and Cheney were weenies. They talked up and they didn't do crap. Obama is the killer."

Thom Hartmann was also urging the media to cover how Obama is the killer:

[Obama] has done these incredible things. He killed bin Laden! He set off the Arab Spring by going to Egypt and saying, 'Tear down these dictators,' and they did! He's ending the war in Iraq. He has fundamentally transformed our health-care system...[He] has done so many very good things...and the media doesn't even acknowledge it. The Democrats aren't doing a good job of messaging it. 

Randi Rhodes was especially unhappy that Rush Limbaugh would not give Obama credit:

So Rush Limbaugh used his commentary on the death of Qadhafi as an opportunity to make a fat joke about Michelle Obama's butt? And that tells you just how much the right wing does not want to talk about this! That McCain would give Obama any credit for, uh, the effort that got Qadhafi -- that's why McCain's not President? But Obama is! Okay Rush! The nation rejected a man who would give credit to Obama in favor of -- Obama! Brilliant! Once again Rush, brilliant! Untie the other half of your freaking brain 'cause you need it so bad!

Later, she added that crediting the French and the British is stupid, since they're bigger socialists than Obama:

And the right-wingers are falling all over themselves to credit the British and the French for Qadhafi's death? Listen, if their beef with Obama is that he's a socialist, I have news for them. British and the French? Socialists! They would rather credit socialists than the American president for a job well done, for executing an event that would allowed the Libyan people to fight for their freedom and win.

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