AP Quotes One Side on Miers Withdrawal: The Right Is "Radical"

In wake of the Harriet Miers withdrawal of her nomination to the US Supreme Court, the Associated Press wasted little time in releasing an article trashing conservatives. Terrence Hunt found plenty of people to quote in regards to how "extreme" the Republican party is, but could find no one with any reasonable counter-arguments.

He quotes Democrats as saying: Bush has bowed to the "radical right wing of the Republican Party."

He found Ted Kennedy: "The president has an opportunity now to unite the country. In appointing the next nominee, he must listen to all Americans, not just the far right."

He found Democratic Leader Harry Reid: "The radical right wing of the Republican Party killed the Harriet Miers nomination. They want a nominee with a proven record of supporting their skewed goals."

Hunt found one Republican, Trent Lott, who said: "Let's move on. In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?"

After only briefly noting that "conservatives cheered her withdrawal" (but found nothing credible to quote!) Terrance Hunt found the presidnt for the liberal People for the American Way: "Ultraconservatives are so determined to swing the Supreme Court to the right that they pounded their own president's nominee into submission and now demand a nominee with unquestioned far-right credentials.

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