Olbermann Links White Sox, Plamegate

In his blog post today, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann not only takes credit for a World Series prediction he didn't make, but also links the Chicago White Sox' championship to...Plamegate.

(At this writing, the post in question is misdated October 24, but it's at the top of the page nonetheless.)

In today's entry, Olbermann writes, "(White Sox sweep - told you so - more later)." But that "told you so" is an overstatement. Last Thursday, two days before the Series began, he wrote only that there was an "excellent chance" that the White Sox "could" sweep the Houston Astros. In any context that pertains here -- Las Vegas, for example -- Olbermann's "prediction" clearly is not equivalent to declaring (or betting), "White Sox in four."

Moreover, in his post for this past Monday -- at which point the White Sox already led, two games to none -- Olbermann remarked merely that he'd thought the Sox would win the Series, "possibly in a sweep." That "possibly" is, of course, even less decisive than "excellent chance."

All that, however, is a mere appetizer for Olbermann's Series/Plamegate link:

The [baseball] season ended with coincidental, but deep symbolism - two nights’ worth of camera shots of George Bush the elder and Barbara Bush sitting there right behind home plate in Houston, waiting just as quietly and helplessly for the Astros’ demise, as his son and his staff are sitting there right in the bull’s eye in Washington waiting for the indictments.

Not enough for you? A) Where did the current President Bush and Karl Rove make their political bones? B) Where was Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald working before his current appointment?

Answers: A) Texas, like the Astros; B) Chicago, like the White Sox.